jobs in marketing vs accounting?

Any job is subject to be cut, if you're good at what you do - and produce results then you will always have a job.

Now, there's a BIG DIFFERENCE between accounting and marketing. What type of person are you? Accounting deals with number crunching and data entry all day. It's about managing data about what was spent. People who are meticulous with details and independent contributors make excellent accountants/CPAs. Marketing people are on the other end of the spectrum - Marketing is about industry research, consumer habits, pricing and sales. Marketers are extroverts, creative people and great researchers. Marketing is the department that must communicate with every single department in a corporation (sales, finance, operations, IT, etc) They are critical to any organization but yes it is true if you screw up, the marketing department affects more people than accounting. On the other hand, a solid background in marketing at a few good companies will guarantee you a job in any industry.

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